Microsoft Playground

Microsoft hosted a one-of-a-kind tech expo featuring interactive product demos
for ILDC employees, members of the local high-tech community, potential hires,
and key customers and partners. 

About the concept and design

Our goal was to create an experience every one could relate and understand. By creating interactive space, we managed to explain the group’s purpose and their daily work.

Microsoft touches on so many aspects of our life. We have groups involved in many areas such as health, education, media, devices, finance, marketing, office, etc.

Each booth is designed around the group's narrative. Using the playground graphic language, we gave the booths a new pop & playful look.

The Playground Airport

All security groups were located in the airport area which was under simulated cyber attack. In order to make this zone different than the rest of the expo, we decided to make everything black & white. The walls covered with bold typography and geometric patterns to emphasize the whole storytelling and help the visitors get around the space.

Each group showcased their work by using familiar scenarios of attacks, for example: the baggage conveyor system was compromised and the group that provides solutions to similar problems is IoT security.


Art Direction: Shahar Dayan
3D & Motion Design: Gil Umanski
Graphic Design: Nadav Mizrahi, Shahar Dayan

Exhibition Design: Rubi and Gal Design Studio
Event Styling & Props: Shlomi Ilani
Construction: Zebra

Production: We Create
Technical Production: Amir Drori
Direction: Shilo Galai
Creative & Content Direction: Nadav Patt
Photography & Video: Victor Levi
Microsoft Team: Sivan Meiri, Chen Yanovich, Orit Yogev, Ziv Goren-Yaakov, Shahar Dayan

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