Art, content, workshops, connections, talk shows, lectures, AI, data tours, and much more. The annual Microsoft Playground event strikes again, this time with a new concept and location, bringing together cutting-edge AI and Microsoft's latest technologies.
Graphics & Animations
Visuals for main exhibition
Stage animation
Photography from the event

My Role: Design lead, art direction, graphic design, motion graphics, visual art
Interior Planning & Construction: Tziporot Studio
Styling & Production: Tziporot Studio
Production: WeCreate
AI Images Blue Exhibition: Studio 0304
Content Manager: Chen Yanovitch, Orit Yogev
Director: Shilo Galay
Technical Producer: Amir Drori
Motion Designer: Kathy Ray
Photography: Tomer Foltyn
Video: Ruslan Paul
Microsoft Team: Sivan Meiri, Chen Yanovitch, Orit Yogev, Maya Yadin
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